BJP training party cadres for Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

As the Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 is expected to be held in few months, the BJP is training nearly 25,000 volunteers to run WhatsApp across the state that will promote assembly candidates and the party’s main promises. As per reports, after northern states the BJP is planning to wrest the southern states from the Congress.

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Talking about it Balaji Shrinivas, who heads the BJP’s social media cell said, “The IT cell has been in existence since 2007 – and with the growing popularity of whatsapp we decided to communicate through that as well. We are setting up groups for different stakeholders at the state, district and assembly level. Our target is 5,000 groups – so far about 2,000 have been formed. The response has been amazing.”

The BJP hopes to enroll 100 volunteers in every assembly constituency as administrators of the groups. The members of the whatsapp groups will receive animation and photos with catchy captions. K  Amresh, a senior member of the BJP’s IT cell commenting on this said, “They don’t have to do any meetings, hold protests or any other activity. The least expected is to spend half an hour everyday on mobile.”

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The BJP has used similar strategy in Uttar Pradesh assembly election which was won by the party with record numbers.