Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: BJP’s unique ‘listen’ not ‘speak’ experiment

Gujarat has been done and dusted and the action now shifts to Karnataka. For the BJP, winning the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 is very crucial and it is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the state has the saffron stamp on it.

The Parivarthana Yatra was flagged of by BJP’s national president Amit Shah and this marked the start of the campaign. The yatra will end on January 28 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally.

In addition to the rallies and a host of visits by national leaders, the BJP has also drawn out a unique experiment to pull in the votes. A group of persons have been drawn out to influence the voters and their preferences ahead of the elections.

The BJP’s unique experiment:
The BJP has selected around 500 persons in the state from various sectors to influence the voter. These persons have been drawn out from the health, education, business, trade and social work sectors.

The party has also decided to micro-manage this election. It is drawing out the major issue from each constituency and will raise it during the campaign. The issues would be crowdsourced from each of these constituencies and a vision document would be prepared. Further the document cum manifesto per constituency would be prepared.

This provide an alternate platform for the people of each constituency. Events would be organised where those affected persons will have a chance to speak out and the BJP has decided to hear them out in each constituency.

A listening exercise:
Getting the peoples’ attention would be key for the BJP. It would organise events in each constituency where the people instead of the leader would speak. A BJP leader said that the people would be more interested if someone is ready to listen to them rather than the leader speaking all the time.

This would provide a unique platform for the people of the state, the leader also said. This is part of the micro-management exercise by the BJP which will let them tap into core issues constituency wise, the leader also explained.